How To Choose The Right Blank Barcode Labels For Your Business Needs

Barcode labels are an effective and efficient way to keep track of inventory, stock, and other items. A labeling system can save time and money for businesses that need to stay organized and up-to-date with their products. 

With the correct barcode label, businesses can quickly scan items for tracking purposes, ensuring accuracy and reliable data collection. Here's how you can find the perfect barcode label that fits your printing requirements. 

Label Size  

Determine the label size you'll need. The label size is measured in terms of width and length. The width of the label should be at least as wide as the barcode itself, with some additional margin on each side for ease of scanning. 

The length of the label should be sufficient to accommodate the barcode and any additional information, such as a product description or price. Select a label size that is within the range of your printer. Check to see if your printer has an optimized label size to produce better print quality and efficiency.

Label Material  

Label material can affect the durability, legibility, and overall performance of the barcode label. For example, if the label will be exposed to harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures, moisture, or chemicals, a more durable label material may be necessary. 

On the other hand, if the label will be used indoors in a controlled environment, a less durable but more cost-effective material may be sufficient.

Label Adhesive 

The adhesive on the label should be strong enough to stay in place. The label may be difficult to remove if the bond is too strong. It may leave residue on the item or the label itself, and this can cause damage to the item and make the label unreadable or unusable.

Print Quality

If the barcode is not clear and legible, it may be difficult or impossible for the scanner to read it, leading to errors and problems in your application.

The print resolution of the printer and the print settings and techniques used can affect print quality. The label material and adhesive can also affect print quality, as some materials and adhesives may produce better results than others.

Consider ordering a small sample size to test the print quality of the labels before making a large purchase. Print a sample barcode on the label and scan it with a barcode scanner to see if it can be read accurately and reliably. You'll see how the label will perform so you can make an informed decision.

Consult with a label expert for guidance on selecting the right label for your needs. For more information about barcode labels, contact a local company.