Frequently Asked Questions About Warehouse Pedestrian Detection Systems

If you own or are in charge of a warehouse where forklifts are frequently used, a warehouse pedestrian detection system may be beneficial to you. A warehouse pedestrian detection system helps to create another layer of protection for employees who may be walking around in the warehouse. Unfortunately, though, many people who own or oversee warehouses have never heard of these types of detection systems. Here are a few commonly asked questions about them and the answers. 

What Is a Warehouse Pedestrian Detection System? 

There are different types of warehouse pedestrian detection systems on the market, and each one operates slightly differently. The most common types of detection systems require employees who are in the warehouse to wear a small tracking device around their neck or on their wrist. If they get within so many feet of an active forklift that also has a sensor on it, the wearer is alerted by the device lighting up and/or buzzing, and/or the driver of the forklift is alerted that someone may be close by the forklift. This makes one or both parties aware that a forklift is in use by them.

What Are the Downfalls With Other Safety Techniques Used? 

There are many safety techniques that are used when forklifts are used in warehouses. For example, a forklift may beep or make sounds when it is in use, letting people nearby know that a forklift is operating. Or pedestrians in the warehouse may need to wear bright yellow safety vests making them more noticeable to a forklift driver. Unfortunately, employees may wear headphones and may not hear beeping sounds or a pedestrian may be in a forklift driver's blind spot. Pedestrian detection systems help solve the downfalls of these techniques. 

Why Is Protecting Pedestrians From Forklifts Important? 

Utilizing a warehouse pedestrian detection system is important. If an employee is injured at work, your worker's compensation insurance can increase. You may also already be short-staffed, so losing an employee can make the work environment harder and less productive. Finally, great employers care about their employees and want to keep them safe, and employees want to remain working with great employers. Implementing warehouse pedestrian detection systems helps keep your employees safe and out of harm's way. 

While you likely already have safety measures in place to help protect your employees from forklifts when they are both working in the same space, a warehouse pedestrian detection system creates another layer of protection. The more layers of protection that you have in place, the less likely it will be that an employee will be hit by a forklift, something that can be traumatic for the injured party, as well as the forklift driver and other staff. Reach out to a warehouse pedestrian detection manufacturer, such as Hit Not, to learn more about these products and which one may be ideal for your warehouse space.