Keys To Using Industrial Lockbolts

When you need fasteners that can last in pretty much any type of environment, industrial fasteners are the variety you want to seek. If you plan on using industrial lockbolts, in particular, these tips will help you find a lot of success regardless of your past experience with this fastener type.

Make Sure Vibration Resistance Is Provided

If you are using industrial lockbolts on components that will experience a lot of friction or movement, then you want to take into consideration the amount of vibration that will be taking place. Then, you can find a suitable lockbolt that will remain firmly locked in place once it's set up regardless of the motions it is put through.

You can find industrial lockbolts that have a vibration-resistant design. They usually have a more durable makeup, and a lot of designing was involved before they were ultimately manufactured. Spend time finding these types of lockbolts so that you don't have to question your placement methods once you get finished securing lockbolts into different materials. 

Utilize Hydraulic Tools for Larger Lockbolts

If you end up needing to use pretty large lockbolts, then you probably won't be able to successfully set them up with standard hand tools. You may be better off using hydraulic tools because of the force and power they can provide.

Larger lockbolts will secure nicely around materials, and you won't have to use a lot of force when hydraulic tools are used. You just have to make sure you don't tighten lockbolts too much to keep stress from playing a negative role.

Determine What Metals Can Be Combined Together

There are some lockbolts that really work best when certain materials are combined together with this industrial fastener type. Making an effort to find out what these materials are before purchasing ultimately helps you find the right type of industrial lockbolts.

For instance, if you are trying to connect two metal components together, you want to go after lockbolts that support metal-to-metal contact. You then can get optimal fastening performance — not just for a couple of days but for months — as long as the fasteners are set up appropriately.

Industrial lockbolts tend to be pretty long-lasting and work exceptionally well when around environments that will leave the fasteners susceptible to vibration. As an industrial lockbolt consumer, you need to find out what matters most with these fasteners according to what your projects involve. 

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