Five Signs That Your Septic System May Have Leach Field Issues

If you rely on a septic system for your home, you need to know that a leach field issue can cause significant problems if it is not addressed in a timely manner. Leach fields are sometimes referred to as soak away fields. You may be like a number of other property owners who do not know the signs of potential leach field issues. The following telltale signs can aid in ensuring that you can recognize a leach field issue and get it fixed correctly by a professional.

Bad Odors

Offensive odors are one of the main signs that a soakaway problem is present. This is a smell that is often compared to raw sewage. These odors should not be ignored because the vapors emitted from septic systems can be dangerous or fatal. Do not attempt to cover these smells by pouring household chemicals down your drains because the chemicals can damage plumbing or kill bacteria that your septic tank needs to function. The use of the chemicals can actually make your septic system problems worse. 

Toilet Issues

Overflowing toilets on a regular basis could be related to a leach field issue. The occurrence of an overflowing toilet every now and then is usually not a reason to be alarmed, but it could be indicative of a clog within your plumbing system. Be mindful of delays in flushing of your toilets too. For example, when you flush your toilets, the water should not sit and gradually flush or suddenly gush out after sitting for a few moments. Certain types of clogs can worsen over time, which is why you should have a plumber determine the exact nature of overflowing toilets and delays between water removal and replenishing in your toilet. 

Bathtub and Sink Issues

Pay attention to what happens when you use your sink and bathtub because a telltale sign of a soakaway issue is water from one area backing up into another area. For example, if you take a bath and let the water flow from the bathtub, you should not see signs of water backing up in a nearby sink and vice versa. 

Gurgling Sounds from Plumbing

These sounds may be emitted from various drains in your home. The gurgling noises are likely related to sludge issues. 

Signs of Polluted Water in Nature

When you walk or drive around areas close to your property, be on the lookout for signs of contaminated water in nearby streams or ponds. The area around your home and the leach field may also show signs of contamination. The foul odor along with the waste accumulation are good indicators that you may have a soakaway issue. 

Never make the mistake of trying to cover a leach field with dirt because this can lead to a more serious septic issue such as sewage backup. Also, ignoring a leach field issue for too long may result in septic pumping and other interventions being ineffective, which means that you may end up needing to replace your system.

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