Three Tips For Quickly Addressing A Blocked Automated Floor Scrubber Squeegee

While these floor scrubbers are fairly reliable when they're doing what they're designed to do, the squeegees in front of them can easily get blocked by unusually large pieces of debris. To clear this debris, use these three tips for quickly addressing a blocked automated floor scrubber squeegee.

Set The Top Of The Unit On A Set Of Stairs

To get to the debris at the bottom of the squeegee, you'll need to partially raise your automated unit. While you can also remove the squeegee with a screwdriver, this will take an unnecessarily long amount of time.

While a partner holds the unit from the back to keep it steady, lift the front side and pull it up a staircase until the two axles holding the wheels are equidistant from the edge of the floor. Then, stabilize the back with a heavy box or container.

Run A Ruler Through Each Part Of The Squeegee

Once the unit is safely sitting on the stairs, simply reach under the squeegee and remove the offending debris. To both loosen the main piece of debris and clear away any smaller debris pieces that are also impacting the squeegee, run a ruler across the entirety of the unit. With enough pressure, you'll be able to dislodge even the most stubborn types of debris like gum and mud clods. If you try to do the same thing with a finger, you'll only give yourself a bruise from all the pressure you apply.

Since you've already driven your unit into a position on the stairs, you might as well also examine the parts on the underside besides the squeegee for other lingering debris. If you find anything, it should easily fall off with just a tap or two of your ruler.

Wash The Whole Thing With A Washcloth And Water Bucket

While your squeegee should be mostly clear at this point, it needs a good washing with soap and water if you want to guarantee its cleanliness for the weeks and months ahead. The most convenient tools for washing the squeegee when your unit is leaning on stairs are a bucket of water and a small washcloth.

Instead of drying the squeegee with a spare towel, leave the unit on the stairs for awhile and let the water dry on its own time. Doing this will give the soapy water a chance to completely penetrate the squeegee and drive away even the smallest clumps of dirt. For more information, talk to a cleaning equipment repairs professional.