3 Items That Cannot Be Thrown Into A Standard Rental Dumpster

If you are getting ready to remodel your home or simply want to do an extensive cleaning to get rid of items you no longer need, a dumpster might be just the answer to your problems. While many people think they can throw whatever they like into the dumpster, that isn't the case. You have to watch what you throw into the dumpster. Some items are hazardous and need to be disposed of in a special manner. Whatever you do, don't throw the following items in your rental dumpster.

Solvents and Paints

Just about everyone has some paint sitting around in their attic or garage that they don't plan on using ever again. If you are cleaning up your space and looking to get rid of the paint, you better think twice about throwing it into the dumpster out front. All of the paints contain oils and chemicals that are dangerous in large quantities. They can end up contaminating water sources, and make the water dangerous to consume. Paint has to be disposed of properly to prevent environmental contamination.

Automotive Fluid

Many people have a bunch of excess oil, transmission fluid and coolant sitting around. Whether it be that you forgot about the items or you simply got a different vehicle and can no longer use that brand, you still need to make sure that you dispose of these fluids properly. Find a recycling center near you and see if they can recycle them. Otherwise, you can always ask the local mechanic to see what they do with their excess fluids. You never know who might have an answer for you, but you do need to know that they should never be put into a dumpster.


While some people assume that since you can spray pesticides around your home it should be fine to throw in with regular trash, that isn't the case. It isn't necessarily the product that is the problem but how concentrated the chemicals are. Sure, a small amount being sprayed around your property is one thing, but large amounts of it thrown into the landfill could end up causing a major problem.

When renting a dumpster, it is important that you know what you can and cannot throw away to prevent contaminating the world around you. For more information on what you can through into a rental dumpster or to rent a dumpster, call a place like TCM Sweeping and Disposal.