Tips For Maintaining Hand Trucks And Steel Casters

In order to keep your place of business in the best condition, it pays to make sure that you take care of your hand trucks as diligently as you can. These pieces of equipment carry a great deal of weight and responsibility throughout the course of use in your industrial business, which is why it pays to learn some repair and maintenance tips that will be incredibly useful to you. In this regard, follow the tips below and use them in order to get the best performance and durability from your dollies and hand trucks. 

Lubricate Your Steel Casters

The most important thing that you can do for the steel casters that you use on your hand truck will be to keep them properly lubricated. This will prevent them from becoming cumbersome and stiff, which can cause your hand truck to start damaging your floors in the long run. Find a type of lubricating oil that is specifically designed for the hand truck that you use. This way, you are getting the utmost in performance from your wheels and will always be in a great position to take care of your hand truck and prevent it from operating choppily or breaking down on you.

Check And Maintain Tire Inflation

In addition to lubricating the casters, make sure that you are keeping your tires properly inflated. In the same way that your tires and wheels of your car work hand-in-hand and require maintenance, your tire pressure will affect the way that your steel casters are able to uphold them. You will receive a smoother steer and an overall increase in durability when you keep your tires inflated to the recommended psi. Never hesitate to swap your tires out if they become worn down and are starting to lose their tread.

Be Careful In The Use Of Your Hand Trucks

You also need to be a good steward of your hand trucks and make sure that you are using them in the best way possible. Learn the weight requirements and limits and never go over them. Also, watch the way that you steer them, and make sure that anyone who uses the equipment throughout the course of your business is trained. This will prevent accidents and allow you to operate an overall safer work environment.

Follow these three guidelines so that your hand trucks received the best use throughout the course of your business. If you need further assistance, repair or maintenance, make sure to get in touch with contractors who specialize in these sorts of industrial issues. You can also visit sites like for more information.