Finding Water Before You Drill Your Well

You may have seen old movies where someone uses a stick to find water under the ground's surface. This practice, also known as dowsing, still thrives today. Some homeowners will hire a dowser to help them find a sufficient water source for their needs. Other more scientific means are also available. If you are planning to have a well drilled, you need to decide which method you want to use.


Dowsing goes by several names, including water witching and divining. To be a dowser, you must have the skill to find water by using a forked stick or another tool that will move when you stop above a good water source. Dowsers believe that underground water is surrounded by a force that will pull the stick or another tool down toward the water. This method has been used for thousands of years and pictures of the practice may have appeared on ancient temple walls. 


A more scientific method would be to hire a hydrologist, a specialist who uses geology to determine the most probably water location. Hydrologists analyze the land for clues that shallow groundwater is present. They also take into account the plant life that grows in the area. Some "water-loving" species are a clear indication that groundwater is plentiful. They will also look at all the wells in your area. They are able to test them in order to estimate the amount of water that moves through the aquifer, helping them to find a site for your well.  

Well Drillers

Hiring an experienced well driller is also a good way to find water. Check with your friends and neighbors to find a reputable local company. Then consult with one of their drillers who has had years of experience with wells. The company should have records of all the wells they have successfully drilled in recent years. As a result, they have a good chance of locating and drilling a well that will meet your water needs. 

When you have a good well dug on your property, you become independent of outside water sources. A quality well will provide you with enough water to meet your household needs in dry and wet years. Experts use a variety of methods to locate water, so you can choose the one that is most appealing to you. Dowsers have a long and honored reputation for being able to locate water. If you want to use a more scientific method, choose a hydrologist. You may also consult an experienced well driller. Any of the three should be able to locate water for your well. 

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