The Advantages Of Clamp Together Ducting

Many contractors and industrial buildings are using clamp together ducting. This is a great product for a number of reason. First, it makes repairs, retrofitting and adding vents more manageable. Second, it makes the installation much easier and more affordable since less welding is required. This article explains the advantages of clamp together welding systems.

Clamp Together Ducts are Easier to Install

Duct systems are usually quite rudimentary. In reality, aluminum ducts are just metal tubes. The tubes are attached to each other by being welded together. This makes them much more permanent and more difficult to alter. Clamp together ducts can be installed very quickly by a large crew (without a welder). This is one of the main reasons that many industrial contractors prefer to use clamp together ducting.

Clamp together ducting is made in various lengths and sizes. They can be prefabricated with build-in vents, boot tees, elbows and outputs. This means the system is much more modular. It also means that the different pieces are interchangeable. When you order your new duct system you order all the various special pieces beforehand, making the installation much quicker and more affordable. 

Retrofitting and Altering Your Duct System

Repairing or retrofitting an existing duct system can be a little tricky. This is because most duct systems are welded together, so they need to be cut apart to make repairs or add vents.

For instance, imagine you have a vent system in a large manufacturing warehouse. If you are adding a room or sectioning off the warehouse, you will likely need to get ducts to the new room. This is simple to do with a clamp together. You can remove a straight duct and replace it with one with a boot tee fitting to create a new route to the room. Simply pre-order all the pieces that you need to get the ducts to the new room. This entire job can even be done without using a welder, making the process much more affordable.

Another great perk of clamp together systems is that they can be recycled and reused more easily. Simply remove the clamps, take them down, give them a basic clean and the will be good to use on another property. Or, you can sell the various pieces to recoup a little bit of money in the end.

It is clear to see why so many industrial buildings are using clamp together ducts.