Keep Production Moving By Renting A Temporary Boiler

If you work in an industrial setting where a boiler is used to help in the everyday operations your company needs to create product or service, and the boiler has stopped working, you will need to work quickly in getting a replacement so your production does not come to a complete halt. Waiting for a repair service to come to your aid may cause you to lose profit if you are unable to do your job as normal since the boiler has stopped creating steam. Here are some tips to use when renting a temporary boiler, helping you to continue business with the least downtime.

Making The Right Choice

As soon as your boiler stops working, anything it powers will stop working as well. Have your in-house maintenance person take a look at the machine to see if it can be easily repaired or if a repair service will need to be called. Parts may need to be ordered, making the downtime excessive. If your company cannot take the risk in waiting more than a day or two, renting will most likely be a better choice overall. Call a temporary boiler rental company to find out if they can arrive more quickly than a repair service.

Setting Up Delivery

Temporary boiler companies are aware the need of a boiler is an emergency, so one will be sent to you as soon as transportation arrangements can be made. If you are in need of an entire boiler room as the problem with your boiler arose because of an incident that has made the room inaccessible, alert the rental service to bring an entire temporary room setup along with the boiler. Let them know if you will need add-on features such as softeners, pumps, chemical feed, or heat exchangers so they can locate these items for delivery as well.

Starting Up And Breaking Down

Inform the temporary boiler service if you will need them to send someone to start up the boiler for you, as this may be an extra charge. If you have someone designated to take care of your regular boiler within your plant, they will most likely be qualified to set up and break down the rented boiler as well. When your regular boiler has been repaired and ready to use, drain the rental unit completely and clean it out before arranging for pickup so it is ready for use by the next company renting it.